About Us

vFound is a technology company focused on developing technology and software solutions to increase online website visibility (search engines) for its customers. The VFOptimizer suite offers a real-time SEM Decision Engine available on the market (released in 2011), and it is a SaaS module produced by the company.

Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art online marketing technology that covers the latest internet trends and supports core marketing activities to increase website reach, visibility, and profit by turning prospects into sales. vFound’s core business is understanding technical and business patterns in the market, and building technology solutions to help companies and individuals increase online visibility and exposure.

With sales offices in the U.S. (Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington D.C.), Germany (Berlin) and Argentina (Buenos Aires), vFound is rapidly expanding. Our Global Development Center is based in Argentina (Buenos Aires). We count on a team of experienced online marketing specialists and developers who are dedicated to analyze and develope strategic technology easy to deploy for the needs of our clients. Our staff has spent over 18 years developing technology projects for the international market.

vFound was initially created to fill a void in traditional marketing metrics and to improve the overall visibility and quality of client websites. By connecting traditional marketing channels and the web through integrated online marketing, we provide our clients with a powerful tool to increase communication with potential customers and to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The VFOptimizer Suite provides real-time SEO execution and online benchmarking tools. It allows website owners to easily and effectively optimize their websites themselves, understand business patterns and eliminate the need to spend thousands of dollars in outsourcing their optimization needs.