With “VFO for Search Engines”, we offer very affordable prices and look forward to helping you rank your website within the TOP search engine results so you can start receiving FREE long-term website traffic.

Pay as you go with the VFO

No contracts. No hidden fees. You only pay for individual usage of the VFO. Our flexible pricing model allows you to purchase credit packages based on the features you plan to use.

The VFO lets you build your competitive keyword list, investigate the SEO strategies of your competitors, discover niche markets, fully optimize your website and much more.

How does our Pay-Per-Use pricing model work?

After you purchase a credit package and begin using the VFO, credits will be consumed according to the tasks you perform:
– Each competitor analysis performed is worth 1 credit.
– Each keyword analysis performed is worth 1 credit.
– Each completed on-page optimization field is worth 1 credit.

Review the packages listed below and select the one that best suits your needs.

  • VFO Basic Package: 100 credits –> USD $25 Limited-Time Offer
  • VFO Advanced Package: 200 credits –> USD  $40 Limited-Time Offer
  • VFO Premium Package: 300 credits –> USD $60 Limited-Time Offer
  • VFO Total Package: 450 credits –> USD $85 Limited-Time Offer

If you have a large, content-rich website, plan to use the VFO on a daily basis or are affiliated with an SEO, web-design or website development agency, we have discounted pricing and reseller options available. If you are an online application developer or have your own Content Management System to offer website development services, you can take advantage of our APIs, allowing you to use our algorithms and information to enhace the services you offer.

Please contact us for further details or if you have any question about our pricing model.