November 29, 2010

Welcome to the VFOptimizer Blog!

Thanks for checking out the VFOptimizer blog. Our goal is to examine and highlight the latest news and trends in the ever-changing world of Search Marketing. Our blog is aimed not only towards users of our soon-to-be-released SEO software, the VFOptimizer, but to anyone who has an interest in search engine optimization, social media and pay-per-click marketing.

Before we dig in to the meat and potatoes of the industry, I’ll use this first blog post to explain who were are and what it is that we do.

The VFOptimizer is the first software release made by vFound S.A., a leading Search Marketing agency headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. vFound was founded in 2006 by Alejandro Sewrjugin, a renowned online marketing expert who has been developing innovative large-scale online projects for over the past 16 years in the US, Europe and South America. Over the past five years, our company has greatly expanded and now boasts an impressive list of clients from all corners of the globe. vFound is comprised of an experienced team of online marketing specialists with extensive knowledge in SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing.

Soon vFound S.A. will be launching the VFOptimizer, a fully automated do-it-yourself SEO tool that has managed to truly differentiate itself from other existing SEO software solutions currently on the market. The VFOptimizer allows website owners to easily and effectively optimize their websites themselves, thus eliminating the need to spend thousands of dollars to outsource their optimization needs. The VFOptimizer is simple enough for a non-techie but complex enough for those already familiar with SEO. The VFOptimizer is currently in beta-testing and will be on the market in early 2011. Stay tuned!

– Margaux Caffa

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