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VFO for Search Engines is a web-based SEO / SEM solution with an intuitive interface that allows anyone, with or without prior technical knowledge, to modify web pages and get them ranked within the first results of Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. The VFO for Search Engines will help you define your SEO strategy and discover which keywords are right for you. You can also use the VFO to investigate your competitors’ SEO strategies. Just paste the URL of the web page you wish to analyze and let the VFO extract all the keywords. The VFO will let you know what your chances for ranking are for each of the suggested keywords. All data can be downloaded into an Excel file so you can take your time and work offline to develop and fine-tune your online strategy. In addition, you can improve your Adwords Quality Score via checking search terms relevancy and match it to your content in a very intuitive way. Use the VFO to make your keywords 100% effective!

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